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Welcome to our Anushya Enterprises (TATA SKY Channel Partner). CELEBRATIONS FOR YOU AND FOR YOUR FAMILY. We started our journey in Tata Tele Services Limited in 2006. That time my service starts over from SME segment, CDMA WALKY, and Sim Cards, Postpaid. After that in 2010, I elaborate my service in Tata related product TATA SKY DTH.

We are the Best Service Provider of Tata Sky. The Customer can avail these services at a nominal rate from us. We provide the Tata Sky product at the same day delivery in all cities across India. We offer multiple Tata Sky products like SD- Enjoy DVD quality picture, HD- High definition viewing, HD+ Record and enjoy your favorite shows, 4K ULTRA. The Customer can enjoy Tata Sky DTH Channel plans and packages in several regional languages like English, Hindi, Tamilnadu, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Urdu, etc..

 Tata Sky DTH services are in all over India but our service is in Puzhuthivakkam (Chennai, Tamilnadu, Pondicherry). There are so much of DTH services in India but Tata Sky DTH is on the top.

 About Tata Sky :    

  • Tata Sky is one of the No.1 Network when comparing other networks.
  • No.1 Customer Service (Complaint registration through RMN after 3 hours in Chennai, also for New Connections, Re-installation, queries in Chennai. For other places in Tamilnadu after 24 hours).
  • Totally 600+ channels are there, HD - 100+ channels.
  • Live TV: Missed anything in living? Get live TV at your fingertips so you will never miss any ongoing action.(Because of Mobile App).
  • Launched Exclusive HD Services list :
  1. The QYOU HD offers 24x7  short-form videos through Internet (Youtube, Vimeo) for TV.
  2. Tata Sky Bollywood Premiere HD shows one Hindi movie every week with some premium movies.
  3. Tata Sky Experience HD  (Hindi entertainment, English entertainment, Hindi movies, knowledge, lifestyle, kids, and sports, etc..)
  4. Tata Sky Kids Cinema HD break free movies for kids.
  5. HD+1 channels for Colors, Sony, Zee TV, Star Plus, Star Gold, Zee Cinema and Sony Max broadcast TV shows and movies with 1-hour delay of the same respective HD channels. It will provide to watch their favorite shows and movies immediately if they missed it by an hour.
  6. 3 Star Sports Add-On Service HD channels live telecast football matches.

TATA SKY OTHER SERVICES: ( For monthly pack )

  • Devotion 
  • English
  • Fun learn
  • Music, Music +
  • Smart games
  • Cooking
  • Dance studio
  • Comedy
  • Gurus
  • Fitness
  • Classroom
  • Javed Akhtar
  • Karaoke
  • Bollywood Premiere
  • Bangala Cinema
  • Punjabi Rang
  • Classic Cinema
  • Acting Adda

Products Type : 

  • SD - Enjoy DVD quality picture
  • HD - High definition viewing
  • HD + Record and enjoy your favorite shows
  • 4K ULTRA

Package Details :

(Available for monthly, 3 months, 6 months and 1-year pack common for all) 

  • For SD   (Normal): Rs.2000/-

  1. My 99 pack 
  2. South special pack 
  3. South sports bonanza 
  4. Dhamaka 199 
  5.  Dhamaal mix pack 
  6. Dhamaal kids pack 
  7. Sports Dhamaka pack 
  8. Bumper pack 
  9. Ultra pack 
  • For HD (Zapper): Rs.2200/-

  1. South special pack (30 HD)
  2. Dhamaal mix pack (44 HD)
  3. Dhamaka199
  4. South sports bonanza
  5. Dhamaal kids pack (47 HD)
  6. Sports Dhamaka pack (53 HD)
  7. Bumper pack (55 HD)
  8. Ultra pack (74 HD)

  • For HD PVR (Transfer): Rs.9499/-
  1. South special pack (30 HD)
  2. South sports plus (33 HD) (Rural)
  3. South sports bonanza (Urban)
  4. Dhamaka 199
  5. Dhamaal mix pack (44 HD)
  6. Dhamaal kids pack (47 HD)
  7. Sports Dhamaka pack (53 HD)
  8. Bumper pack (55 HD)
  9. Ultra pack (74 HD)
  • For UHD 4K: Rs.6599/-

  1. South special pack (30 HD)
  2. South sports plus (33 HD) (Rural)
  3. South sports bonanza (Urban)
  4. Dhamaka 199
  5. Dhamaal mix pack (44 HD)
  6. Dhamaal kids pack (47 HD)
  7. Sports Dhamaka pack (53 HD)
  8. Bumper pack (55 HD)
  9. Ultra pack (74 HD)
  • Multi TV : ( Monthly rent Rs.250 for all )

  1. SD zapper
  2. HD zapper
  3. HD PVR transfer
  4. UHD 4K


  •   If you are a plan to record methods or films from your own TV, then Tata Sky is the better choice of 2 things. First of all, before stated as Tata Sky includes a 500 GB inner hard disk drive ( lots of space for storing ) Second, there is a collection of record which will help to preserve numerous episodes of a specific channel.
  • Tata Sky is a service provider sends a professional within twenty-four hours of problem.

Tata Sky Helpline:
         The Customer can easily communicate to Tata Sky Service person in 13 languages about her queries. 


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